My sibling lives without HVAC

My sibling was finally going through his basement.

When he moved out, he took a lot of immense boxes with him, and some of those boxes contained our things.

Most of the boxes were a random assortment of items belonging to unusual family members, so our sibling has been slowly returning everything as he sorts through. Well, yepterday he called and told myself and others that one of the boxes he found has almost absolutely our things in it, then since it was a fairly immense box, he told myself and others I should bring our car and take it with me. I knew I was off today, and so I agreed. It wasn’t until around noon that I really left to go get our things. I wanted this to be a quick trip, and so I was in a bit of a rush. When I arrived at his locale, I was amazed at how heated it felt inside of his home. It felt love he was living in a gas furnace! When I asked him about his locale, he told myself and others he doesn’t have cooling system anymore. I was shocked, why was he living without cooling? My sibling seemed quite proud of himself for living without heating and cooling system, which only confused myself and others further. I prefer our temperature control, and would never dream of living without it… The lack of cooling system gave myself and others even more reason to leave, and so I only stayed at his locale for 10 minutes before getting back into our air conditioned car.

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