Friend is a HVAC guy

The other morning while I was out walking the dog I decided that it would be a good program to turn the air conditioning device on while both of us were gone.

By the time that my partner plus I got back from walking our dog, both of us realized that the air conditioning device had not absolutely cooled the condo down at all, and all of us were certainly surprised by this, however after looking into the situation for a little longer both of us realized that the air conditioner had a major problem with the liquid line, but this was the type of thing that I knew for certain I was not going to be able to fix, regardless of how several HVAC tutorials I watched on youtube or how several books I read on the matter, however fortunately for myself as well as my partner, she just so happens to have a best acquaintance that is an HVAC repairman.

After sending him a text with the promise of providing free ice frigid budweiser plus tea if she helped us with the air conditioning problem, she was over right away plus inspected the situation. All of us sure are blissful to have the air conditioner situation handled now, plus even more thankful that it didn’t cost us more than budweiser plus some soda!

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