No heating system in indoor roller rink

Playing in an indoor soccer league can be so rewarding. You get to meet new friends, create team shirts plus ofcourse play soccer! I have been in this league the last 3 years plus yet to win a championship. To be honorablethe two of us haven’t even sniffed the playoffs so a single step at a time. It’s actually strenuous to win here though as every year the league drafts new rosters so I may never play with the same people again after the season. In a way it’s cool because I’m meeting new people but in a way it sucks because I formed bonds with some of the a singles I already had. I thought about joining a league that allows you to form your own team but I suppose those teams would be too skilled plus whoever I put on my team will suffer the punishment of other unbelievable to fantastic teams. I suppose the league I am in now is really best for my skills. The thing about this soccer rink is that it’s severely chilly there especially during the winter. I know summers are unbelievable but my bones hurt plus my teeth chatter like crazy during the Winter months, but john the landlord has had a HVAC worker service his heating unit a few times but after a few weeks something new breaks with it. I recognize he needs to call the HVAC supplier plus have new heating units installed. I actually don’t know if that will solve it but I’m most absolutely not the smart a single to ask for this issue, but regardless after 30 sixths of playing I recognize warm so just getting through the start is consistently a problem.

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