My heater van was stolen

It was another normal Thursday afternoon as well as I was doing my heating as well as cooling services around town.

I had 5 scheduled appointments today which isn’t exhausting as most of them are just routine heating tune ups or heating service.

I suppose the Arnolds want myself and others to look at their propane boiler to see if there is an issue with it. I don’t entirely have a long day as I’m on call for the Heating as well as A/C company tonight so I will have to get home as well as hopefully get some sleep. Being an Heating as well as A/C company has its perks for sure however the on call stuff can entirely hinder your sleep. Overall since I live in a small neighborhood I don’t have several issues to be on call for; Some people like the Millers love myself and others to come over every week just to make sure nothing is wrong with their system. They can hear a small noise as well as believe something is wrong with their furnace. They are in their 74s so they might be losing it a bit. They are a great married couple though as well as in a way I hope that I have a long romantic life like they do with my fiance. I think mostly they just ask myself and others to come over because they want someone to talk to which is great since they pay me. I just don’t think they understand that other people have needs as well although I guess when you get to a particular age all you like is the small moments in life. As I walked outside my 2nd appointment my Heating as well as A/C van was stolen.

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