Air conditioned barbershop

I love going to the barbershop.

I go there almost 4 times a week but not to get my hair trimmed but to talk to my guys. Growing up this was kind of our thing and the people who come in are always great. You meet so many good people and some of them turn into friends. It might be for 15 minutes that day, see them weekly, biweekly but slowly you get to know new people over time. Our barbershop is located in the center of town right next to the grocery store and coffee shop. My friends Jerry, Steve, Mark and Miguel are a bunch of clowns. The stories we talk about can make anyone chuckle. Also this place has amazing central air conditioning. I’d hope so as the owner Charley makes sure the HVAC company is sending out a cooling specialist every 2 months to clean the air filters and make sure everything is in working order. Charley likes to make sure his barbershop is top of the line for any customer to walk through the door. He does pretty well for himself as he is the only barber in town. A few competitors tried to open shops but they failed within 6 months. We all trust Charley and it’s cool in the future his son Max will take over the business when he gets older and when Charley decides to retire. Currently his son works there a few days a week trying to learn the business. I’m sure the barbershop will be in good hands for a long time.



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