Our son was lying about his job.

There has only been 1 constant rule in our house, & that was not to lie, everyone made mistakes, however you had to own up to them.

Once you told that 1st lie, you had to continue to lie to cover the first lie you started with… My son Joe broke that rule numerous weeks ago. Joe kept telling us he had a job, & he was actually working at the local Heating & A/C business… Neither of us believed Joe, because he possessed no skills for a task with the local Heating & A/C business. When he said he was sweeping & studying the inventory, it made a little more sense, even though he never came house dirty & looked just as fresh as when he left for work. Some nights, Joe would come house late‌, however my husband wouldn’t question him about it. Joe told myself and others the boy was eighteen, & we had to give him some leeway. Joe was living with us, & I was sure he was lying about his job. I followed Joe 1 morning, which made my husband miserable. I wanted to think what Joe was absolutely doing. When he went into the community university, I was dumbstruck. Why would my son be lying & telling myself and others he was going to task when he was in school? This made no sense. I went to my husband with what he had l acquired, even though he said nothing to me; Later on that night, he said Joe was going to school for Heating & A/C, & actually working his way through school by working part-time at the local Heating & A/C business. Joe wanted to surprise myself and others when he graduated in more than five months.

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