Her new playhouse could have been my first apartment.

My granddaughter told her grandfather she wanted a playhouse for Christmas.

Her birthday was Christmas day, and she always got a little extra.

I didn’t think the little extra this year was going to be so extravagant. She not only got a playhouse, but it could have been my first apartment. He found a used tiny house and picked it up for a little of nothing. There was a working bathroom, a loft bedroom, and a small porch out front. The only thing it needed was new siding, a roof, and a new HVAC system. The inside was pristine, and the plumbing worked well, but it needed to be hooked into someone else plumbing and electricity. Instead, my husband and son-in-law ran pipes from the house to the tiny house, and set up an electric line for the tiny house. They spent three months redoing the tiny house, so she could have her own playhouse. The sewer was an easy decision, but neither of them knew what they wanted to do with HVAC. My husband suggested they get a single unit mini split HVAC system. They sold them at our local HVAC company, and it wouldn’t cost much to have it installed. She has now had that playhouse for almost eight years, and practically lives there. She told us she wanted to live there when she turned sixteen, but she needed a new HVAC system again. The air conditioning wasn’t working as well as it did when she was a kid. Her father and grandfather went to town and bought a new mini split HVAC system and had it installed.


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