Being more grateful for my quality heating and air

It’s tough for me to hear people that have experienced such good fortune go on and on about one grievance after another.

We can all be a bit more thankful for the good stuff that we share rather than what we think we don’t have. It’s really kind of backwards. So when I keep hearing complaints about the HVAC cooling in my home, I finally get busy. We are very fortunate to live in a very nice house that has great amenities. This includes having great residential HVAC which keeps our house wonderfully comfortable no matter the season. Still, I’m not about to just waste resources or energy in order to get all the HVAC cooling I want. That’s just not going to happen. So during the heat of summer, I make sure the daytime thermostat setting is in the low 80s. But all I hear from my kids is how hot it is and why we can’t afford air conditioning. Instead of explaining it to them for the millionth time, I took them out to where the grandparents lived. They saw firsthand what living without modern HVAC technology was all about. Their grandparents never had residential HVAC until after I was born. We were in that house just the way it was all those years ago. And my kids finally had some appreciation for the fact that we have great residential HVAC. I’m glad my kids can see just how fortunate they are and since we visited that house without any residential HVAC, I haven’t heard one complaint.

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