The repair bill was 2 times the amount I was hoping

I called the heating as well as AC repair repair supplier because there was a unusual noise coming from the heat pump.

When I contacted the heating as well as AC repair service, I told the lady on the PC what was happening with the system as well as she told me that it sounded like an easy as well as easy repair.

I asked her to give me an estimate over the PC as well as she said not more than $250, however after the heating as well as AC repair repair supplier was finished evaluating the system, he gave me an estimate for $470. The repair bill was double the amount of the estimate as well as I was very confused. I asked the guy to explain to me how it was going to cost so much money, because the lady on the PC gave me an estimate that was less than that. The repair supplier told me that the lady on the PC was not a supplier as well as although she gave me an estimate, there was unquestionably no way she could be accurate when she was guessing about the problem. The repair supplier offered to give me a 10% discount, however that was going to be the lowest price he could offer for the necessary repairs on the Heat pump. I called a couple of other venues to see if anyone else was cheaper as well as I didn’t find a single heating as well as AC repair repair that was willing to repair the heat pump problems for less than the cost of the bill minus 10%. I had to pay the fees for all of the furniture repairs.


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