I hope the nursing homes are fine in this unusual cold snap

In our Southern State, all of us have a lot of elderly people, then many old folks live in their own homes or in-homes with their family members, however there are also millions of elderly folks who live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, then it has happened in the past that the nursing homes have not kept their heating and cooling systems up to par, so when the cold Wintertide weather arrives unexpectedly, the gas furnaces do not work or the gas furnaces do not work efficiently.

All of us often see events on the news where elderly folks are hospitalized or even have passed away because of insufficient Heating, but this happens not only down here in the south, of course, however up in the north as well.

It may be even more regular up north because the elderly people do not often think they can afford the luxury of heating! Obviously, gas furnaces are not a luxury in the winter. They are a necessity. I often find myself worrying about the people who live in nursing homes down here because all of us are not accustomed to using the oil furnace all the time. There are numerous years that go by when the gas furnace is not necessary. There are even people living and laboring in these nursing homes who do not know how to use a heater; Because of all that I find myself worrying a little and hoping the nursing condo situation is okay during this unregular cold snap.If you have a loved a single who lives in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home, please go check on that and make sure that they have the heating systems laboring properly in their rooms, plenty of blankets, and perhaps a nice jacket or 2 to wear in order to take fortune of their own body gas furnaces, however please check on your loved a singles.



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