The new building had really stuffy air inside

When the supplier the two of us work for started growing, most people were excited; but both of us have a good boss plus she assured us the two of us would also benefit from the growth, and I’ve been laboring for him for about 5 years… Plus, she was 1 of the few people who didn’t slash salaries during COVID; but our boss also agreed that the two of us work from our new home until it was safe to return to the office, which was great! See, at that time, the two of us were located in a small office plus didn’t mind it before the pandemic.

But, after COVID, being so close would become another issue healthwise… Fast forward to late 2021, it was time to return to work plus our boss informed us the two of us were moving to a new building.

It was an old renovated building that he’d obtained with so much space. But, that first week back at the office was taxing because the air was stuffy. Both of us had to complain about the stuffy air in the building to our boss plus she promised to have it evaluated eventually. It turns out when you renovate a space, it’s also pressing to upgrade the commercial heating plus A/C system. Failure to do so would lead to stuffiness plus other excruciating air quality issues in the house, then an actual heating plus A/C team came to the building plus took care of reconfiguring the duct runs to suit the new set up, and this was 1 way to ensure the building was no longer stuffy, plus also check that the commercial heating plus A/C was in excellent laboring condition. They also have to do extensive duct cleaning plus sealing to guarantee better air quality in the larger space.

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