Mom was frustrated because the AC was blowing hot air

It’s not easy living so far away from my family.

But, I also love my career and want to see how far I go.

It all came as a surprise when I told them I was relocating to another country. After I lost my job, I began applying for a new one and my friend sent me a link. The job was all the way across the world, but the pay was good, and I knew this was a chance to see new places. Now, it’s been 4 years working here and my mom came to visit last summer. She got to spend a month with me and I felt so rejuvenated having her around. When mom got home, it was June and summer was in full swing. So, you can imagine how frustrated she felt because the AC was blowing hot air. I had called her to find out if she got home safely and she explained she was having an issue with the AC. Mom had failed to contact the heating and AC business to come do maintenance in Spring. She was so excited about the trip that all she did was shop for my favorite treats from the US and pac. It seems she forgot all about the crucial springtime HVAC maintenance. Now, she had to hire an actual heating and AC expert to sort this issue out. I couldn’t imagine living in that house in June without proper cooling. Mom went ahead and got in touch with the heating and AC business about the faulty AC. About 4 hours later, she called me back with good news. an actual heating and AC expert had come by to check the faulty unit and fixed it. She was now enjoying cool air at home and wanted to take a long nap after the long trip.