Reviewing my new smart thermostat

Recently I just picked up a brand new smart thermostat.

  • I really like the smart thermostat.

In fact I’m very proud of myself for getting it. The reason I’m so proud of myself for getting it is because I have been thinking about getting in for a long time but I just wasn’t sure if it was the right one for me. Well it didn’t take long for me to try it out and find out if it was the right one for me and it was. I only had to have the smart thermostat for two days before I knew that it was one for me. It was a great little unit. I’m not sure what it is with HVAC products in my area but they are always so much more expensive in my area than in the other areas around me. So much so little oftentimes I go to other cities just to avoid the high price of my local heating and AC businesses. I’m pretty sure the problem is the manager of my main local heating and cooling company. He and the owner of this he didn’t AC business like to keep the prices as high as possible. So if you buy a smart thermostat from them you’re overpaying. So my favorite part about the smart thermostat is that I can easily control the temperature of my home from anywhere that I’m at. I think this is a really cool feature because it is incredible that I can control the temperature in my home without even being home! If I were to tell my great great grandparents that you could do that with their heating AC system they’d be amazed, in fact in their days they didn’t even use central heating and cooling systems. In my opinion just goes to show how far technology has come.

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