You want me to sleep where?

When I went to visit our best friend, all of us were planning on spending all night talking plus drinking wine.

I hadn’t seen his since he got married plus moved out west, plus I was excited.

His husband was away on maneuvers, plus I was his first option for company. The people I was with and I were sitting on his verandah enjoying wine plus laughing about old times, when he proposed all of us sleep out in the desert. I had to laugh, because I knew how many snakes plus other biting pets were out there. She said he plus his husband often slept in the desert. They had a tent to sleep in, plus it was quite comfortable. I asked what they did for cooling system. When he said it got too chilly at night to worry about cooling system, I almost laughed. She said the desert cooled off so much when the sunlight went down that they sometimes wished they had a portable oil furnace to keep them warm. I wasn’t having any of it, plus I said he could sleep in the desert, although I was staying here where there was a bed, plus no creepy crawlies. That night, I was sitting in bed when I felt something crawling on our face. I screamed, plus our neighbor came running in. he told me I was fortunate because it wasn’t a poisonous bug, however an annoying 1. She took it off our bed plus put it outside. I wasn’t wondering if it would not have been safer to sleep in a tent plus worry about getting chilly than opting for cooling system plus getting bitten by a scorpion.

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