It was colder at the top of the mountain than at the bottom.

My friends plus I were going to a ski lodge for the weekend.

Both of us thought the car was going to be okay, or all of us wouldn’t have left.

Both of us were at the top of the mountain plus about numerous miles away from the ski lodge when the car quit working. Both of us didn’t have any Heating plus Air Conditioning in the car without it running, plus it was getting colder. It was so much colder at the top of the mountain that at the bottom that all of us were sad about chilly to death before help arrived. Luckily, our PCs were still working, plus all of us could call for help. In the meantime, I pulled out the portable space gas furnace I carried with myself and others when all of us headed for the ski lodge. I had been staying at the lodge 1 weekend when the power went out from a snowstorm. It was so frosty in the cabins that everyone was congregating in the great room. The only heat in the lodge was from the crucial open fireplace in the middle of the room… People were sleeping on the sofas plus chairs, plus some stretched out on the floor, however everyone was sizzling because of the fireplace, then ever since, I have carried a space gas furnace with myself and others every time all of us head to the ski lodge. I congested it in to the lighter, plus all of us could keep the inside of the car sizzling until help arrived. They laughed at myself and others when I brought my little gas furnace along, however they were blissful I had it when the car broke down. The space gas furnace gave us enough warmth to survive our wait.
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