I wanted to take my space heater on the hike, and they laughed.

I had a small portable space heater that fit perfectly into my backpack.

  • When my boyfriend said we were going to go on a hike, I wanted to bring my space heater with me.

I thought that if we got stranded on the mountain, we would have some heat with the space heater, since it got cold at night, in the mountains. He laughed and told me no one was bringing portable space heaters. He had a small tent we could stay in, and we would keep each other warm. I wasn’t buying it and packed the space heater even though he said no. We headed out early in the morning and we didn’t reach the top of the mountain until early afternoon. My boyfriend’s buddy and his girlfriend had planned on spending the night on the mountain, but I was not. I didn’t like not sleeping where there were no beds. If it was an emergency, that was one thing. Hiking and planning on staying was another thing. We had plenty of time to rest, get something to eat, and head back down the mountain. The return trip was always easier and faster than the hike up the mountain. They finally convinced my boyfriend to spend the night on the mountain. I pulled out my space heater when it started getting dark. An hour later, my boyfriend’s buddy’s girlfriend was asking if she could join me in the tent. The guys slept in the other tent while we enjoyed the heat of the space heater. Next time we’re staying home, and the guys will go without us.

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