I believe sick when I am warm

I do not handle heat actually well, I don’t know I ever have. So when I was forced to wait outside for numerous minutes in the blazing sun, I was not feeling well. Something about being warm makes myself and others believe nauseous, plus so I try to avoid hot sunny days as much as possible. But when my favorite author was coming to my town for book signings! I knew that was an chance that I could not resist. However, what I didn’t anticipate was the long line. There were numerous cars plus people lined up, plus I already regretted not bringing a chair, plus later on, I would easily regret not bringing a portable air conditioner. I got in line, plus I noticed that it was taking forever to get anywhere. After about an minute, I sat down on the hot sidewalk. I was start to overheat, plus was feeling nauseous. I was entirely regretting not bringing a portable cooling unit. I don’t even have a portable unit, but I sure would have bought one if I knew it was going to be this bad. It was tortuous when, only 30 minutes later, I could lay in the entryway of the Borders, where the book signing was taking place. I was close enough to believe the ice freezing air from inside, however the person in front of myself and others was blocking the door due to the line. The only way to get closer was to leave the line, which was not happening. I finally got my book signed with a sweet message, which made it all worth it, plus I was so glad to head back home.


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