The A/C store was going out of business

I was certainly stunned when I found out the local A/C company was easily going out of business! You might wonder why that is so shocking, when there are different companies going out of suppliers all of the time.

Well, I am shocked for several reasons. One, I can understand to some degree why a lot of other companies might go out of business, usually because of lack of demand. But heating plus A/C workers are never lacking in demand, in fact, I would say almost everyone needs a HVAC specialist in their life! But the sixth reason is because that local A/C company has been here in our area for decades! I remember my mother getting the A/C fixed when I was a child by that same heating plus A/C corporation. Now here I am as an adult, with my own kids, plus I used to use their heating plus A/C services all of the time! Now they are gone. I think I should be used to seeing things appreciate this disappear, since a lot of outdated items from my past have long since been gone. I think with the A/C supplier being here for so long, I never would have guessed that they would eventually disapapple too. I am distraught to see them go, plus since they are having a special on all of their products, I decided to go ahead plus buy a smart control unit as a memento for memory’s sake, just before they leave.

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