I could probably live without air conditioning

I guess I am not like most people, and the reason why I say that is because I don’t really care to have air conditioning that much.

I know, shocker.

Most people I meet talk about how much they love their heating and air conditioning system, and I just can’t relate. Can it be convenient? Yes, but I really don’t need it that much. Unless you live in extreme temperatures, you don’t need a furnace or A/C unit to survive. Since I live in an area with a fairly mild climate, I never have to worry about the outside temperatures. There are that many heating and air conditioning dealers in my area, and I wonder if that is why. However, even my friends that live close to me in the same climate, tell me they could not live without HVAC technology, and that they really enjoy their climate control system. I guess I am just different. Oftentimes, I will go most of the year without using my air conditioning machine or heating unit, and then when I do, it is only on days where it is abnormally hot or cold. On the bright side, this saves me money. Because I don’t use the HVAC equipment all that much, I never have to worry about maintenance nor do I have to worry about expensive repair bills. That makes it worth it enough to me, but I know for most people, they would rather pay their hard earned money than go without proper heating and cooling.
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