I’m just trying to enjoy the rest of my life

This was the year that I completely said that I either supply this lifestyle a try or walk away from considering it.

I’ve spent most of my life inside the central air conditioning of a property or an apartment. Although, there was a time where I chose to leave the country as well as travel for the course of a year. It was a great year as well as I bet I could count on both hands the number of times I enjoyed any sort of HVAC. It’s not that there wasn’t any. But places such as this with commercial or residential HVAC just were costly. Nearly the entire year, I was outside of any sort of heating as well as cooling living in my tent. Well, I guess you could potentially call a campfire heating. Although that has to be the most inefficient furnace ever. Now, I’m in my 50’s as well as I am getting a bit tired of the central air conditioning equipment again. This time, I want to simply stretch one more time. Could I trade the central air conditioning equipment of my home for the bed of my truck or maybe a trailer? That’s a large shift in more ways than just residential HVAC equipment complications. Yet, there is this longing in me to just get out as well as live this way. I have the sort of job that all I honestly need is a WIFI signal. And those aren’t especially difficult to find. So heading off is something that I believe I either need to do now or just put it out of my mind completely. I’m not getting any younger as well as I’d prefer to feel a sense of freedom.

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