A new home with new HVAC technology

It had been eight months of house hunting, and nothing impressive had come up yet.

My wife was determined to get a house that would meet everything on our wish list.

On the other hand, I told her we had to compromise; otherwise, we would never find a house unless we built our own. After a month of back and forth, she finally agreed to compromise on some things, but the one thing she was not going to compromise on was the HVAC unit. She was determined to wait up to a year if it meant that we would find a house with quality HVAC. I did not know much about the HVAC business, and I knew little about HVAC matters. On the other hand, my wife had a list of HVAC brands that she would accept, and there was no deterring her. As for me, as long as the HVAC installation was in good condition and would help with indoor comfort, they all required regular HVAC maintenance. My partner was on a mission and planned to see it through. After eight months of tirelessly hunting for a home, we found one with new HVAC equipment that miraculously impressed my wife. After viewing the house, she could not stop talking about using the new HVAC technology. Despite her excitement, she still had to call the HVAC provider, who would send an HVAC professional who would accompany us to assess the unit. The house had a big lawn which neither of us wanted because we enjoyed the responsibility of mowing the property. Still, she was willing to take that responsibility if the HVAC repairman confirmed that the unit and thermostat were in good condition.

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