The children didn't take the separation actually well

I thought I would spend the rest of my life with my hubby.

When I met the guy, she was beautiful, handsome, smart, and actually charismatic. I knew that she was going arenas and I wanted to be with him for the ride. We were married after 18 weeks of dating. There were a few rumors here and there that my fiance was cheating on me, however I didn’t listen to any of the haters. My wifey swore to myself and others that the lies were simply untrue! After every one of us had our minute child together, I caught him cheating in the loft when she thought that I was going to be working late! Both of our kids were upstairs sleeping. I was horrified and so was the judge. She legitimately let my hubby have it. She awarded myself and others spoUSAl support and child support. My hubby gets to see the kids every single weekend, but she usually doesn’t show up. It would hurt my feelings if I thought the kids were angry, but they hardly ever saw their dad before the divorce. She worked late and went out of town nearly every weekend for some style of company meeting or convention. Who knew that a oil furnace salesman was so busy. I thought she was selling oil heating systems all over the country. It turns out that she was just cheating with a bunch of ladies that worked at these oil furnace companies. She was going to the oil furnace conventions so she could be with her lovers. Thank goodness I had proof of her adultery to show to the judge. She legitimately did let him have it.
a/c serviceman