The online company sent two of the same make and model

Summer temperatures are getting hotter and hotter each and every summer.

  • The average number of days that my family and I had to endure hot temperatures has gone up each year since we moved to the area.

I can say for sure that the atmosphere is getting warmer. All of the rivers and lakes are drying up and the water levels are drastically going down in the smaller tributaries and crease. It won’t be long until there is no more water at all on the west coast. Millions and millions of people will go without fresh drinking water. A lot of this cause is due to global warming. The warm air causes problems with trout and it makes me very uncomfortable. I’ve had to add a second AC unit in my home since the last time there was hot weather. My wife and I decided to buy a 15,000 BTU AC unit to put in the living room. We thought it would absolutely help the main Central AC system in the house. The extra AC unit would give the main system a bit of a break because it would not have to work so hard. The idea came from a contractor that performed a full service tune up on our Central AC unit. My wife and I ordered the AC unit from an online retail website. The online company sent two of the same make and model. My wife and I didn’t want to feel guilty, so we contacted the company to tell them that they sent us an extra ac unit. They had no record of the transaction.


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