Marge's new Heating, Ventilation & A/C system

Marge has been a client with the air conditioner business for years.

We had built a corporation relationship plus even set a schedule for the next annual heating repair. She was a kind plus joyful lady who always had a smile plus a kind word to say. When Marge first hired an air conditioner pro to check the electric heating pump she had back then, I was one month into the commercial air conditioner business. I was among the team of cooling experts that ran the comprehensive quality AC repairs on Marge’s air conditioning system setup over the years. I remember Marge offering us some lemonade when the two of us finished the job. Marge also made us laugh with her humor. From then on, she always called the business, requesting myself and others whenever she wanted assistance with her Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. Last year, Marge traveled abroad to visit her child plus was there for close to a year. When she returned, Marge called the office requesting the two of us come to check on her unit plus that she wanted a new AC filter. Marge wanted a HEPA filter which her child told her would significantly improve the air quality in her home. Marge ordered a digital control unit, plus our air conditioner specialist installed it plus cleaned the HVAC duct. Marge also made us a meal neither of us had ever had before. Marg prepared the ingredients differently from what the two of us knew. Marge told us that she l gained it from her daughter, which was care about a staple meal there. It felt bizarre at first, however by the fifth bite, the two of us got into it plus loved the meal.


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