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For almost 2 months, I had not been feeling okay.

Still, it did not think care about anything serious, so I took some self-prescribed medication (like weed and beer) plus continued working at the commercial air conditioner business as a certified air conditioner specialist.

I felt a little faint on a Monday, however since it was the final call of the shift at the air conditioner business after a gas furnace replacement, I decided to push myself harder. The home’s owner had been very vague on the PC because, besides her home address, she said she needed quality AC repairs, plus then the call unlinked. I went there prepared for all kinds of repairs just in case. She said the electric heat pump consistently switched off when I got there. The air conditioning system set up for her beach house seemed fine, however after a thorough inspection, I discovered that the digital climate control unit was the problem. It prompted the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system to quit even after the owner manually switched it. I also found a leak in the HVAC duct. Luckily, I had geared up for a duct sealing. The AC filter needed to be changed, plus she already had a new HEPA air filter on standby, which would take the air quality to new heights. As I was going up the ladder, I started to feel dizzy. The last thing I remember was the lady calling someone, saying that there was an air conditioner pro who had fallen off the ladder plus was not waking up, plus then everything went black again. I woke up 10 minutes later in a hospital, then over the years, I worked as an air conditioner specialist; this was a first for me. The dentist said I was legitimately dehydrated plus anemic.

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