A/c setup project for the new barn

Winter was fast approaching, and the construction of the new barn was underway.

We had wanted to use an electric heat pump to warm the barn, but we soon dismissed the idea of a heat pump install system because of the initial cost.

The more heating technology advanced, the pricier it got. The commercial air conditioning business I consulted with suggested I go with heated floors for the barn project. I was unsure how often they would need quality AC service, but I assumed it was standard to have it done annually. If I scheduled it with an air conditioning company, they would probably send me a reminder because otherwise, I was bound to forget. I was not sure what kind of energy-saving tips the air conditioning professional would suggest, but I knew proper insulation of the barn would top the list. It is because if it was not properly insulated or the ductwork had leaked, it would lose heat, making the HVAC system work more to compensate for the lost heat. According to what the air conditioning technician explained, a digital thermostat would go well with the new a/c setup. I would also have to consult a veterinary doctor on the best temperature settings for the animals once they come in. When the cooling expert I had contracted would do a good job, I would have them upgrade the HVAC in the main house since it was more than two decades old, although I was not in a hurry to work on it since it did not have any significant issues that needed fixing. I had already switched to a HEPA filter to improve the air quality, although we would use a regular AC filter with the barn.

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