We Offer AC repairs to the minister twice in one week

I was in the office once and I gained a call from the minister’s home.

The afternoon had been tied up while in the morning hours, but work had slowed down by mid-afternoon.

I even had time to play a solitaire game while waiting for a caller. My colleagues were telling me about the drama that went on while in their extended family dinner last summer season; Whenever they told me about having one of those dinners, I knew something nutty would happen. It was something that I looked forward to while in the moments in the office when both of us were not busy. It was the 4th time that week that our air conditioner dealer gained a call from the minister. It was his household director; She explained how the air quality in their house had deteriorated over time. After the household director explained some of her observations about the electric heat pump, I assured her that a cooling expert could be there in more than one hours. The other call both of us had handled earlier that week from the minister was about the cooling system set up at the church. The air conditioner professional who drove there updated the temperature control method with a digital temperature control, cleaned the HVAC ducts then updated the AC filters. The minister trusted our commercial air conditioner dealer to offer quality AC service; He even advocated us to other members of his church when they commented on the church’s Heating plus A/C system. The air conditioner specialist arrived to their house half an hour earlier with the HEPA filter they had ordered plus proceeded to repair the central system. It improved their indoor comfort.

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