The HVAC duct had not been cleaned in ages

When our partner and I moved into a brand new house, it was new to us however the lake house itself was entirely pretty old.

All of us had just settled in and were starting to transport some of the furniture into the lake house when every one of us noticed that the lake house felt pretty hot, then my partner then offered to go and turn on the

When she went over to the thermostat that was on the wall and turned on the AC, a bunch of dust came pouring out of the vents. It comes to both of us to start coughing and sneezing as the dust falls into our eyeah and nose onto our faces. Needless to say it was completely unexpected, that every one of us had a complication right away and the complication was that every one of us had really filthy HVAC duct. After talking to our partner every one of us both agreed that it would be best to schedule an appointment with a heating & air conditioning professional and he could come out and perform a HVAC duct cleaning. Wait, every one of us were able to get a heating and A/C appointment almost right away and the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional came out the following Wednesday. When he came out here he told us that he had never even seen such a large amount of dust, dirt, and debris. It was a immense relief when all of it was disinfect and said and done. The lake house felt much cleaner and every one of us can like the heating and cooling system without having to worry about dust floating through the ajr. I might even get a HEPA for extra measure.


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