There’s no way I would labor in a store with no air conditioner

I went to the gym with my wifey this afternoon and it was a pretty fantastic workout, however after every one of us left I told him that I wanted to stop in the hardware store that was in the same plaza to grab a few items, but the moment every one of us walked into the store, I knew that this was to be a quick trip.

The first step in the store was a large clue that the a/c was completely broken.

The air was easily muggy as if there had been no dehumidification in mornings. They had fans set up at the front of the store to help supply some circulation and push back on the air particles streaming inside when the doors open. The employee at the first register looked at us in terror and said they had no had working a/c in many mornings, however i urged her to immediately contact the headquarters and let them believe because a working a/c is a area of the healthy working environment that employees have rights to, but no 1 should be forced to labor separate from a working a/c in the tepid Summer heat, regardless of whether or not they are paying them extra currency for it… With no a/c or dehumidifying system, the entire store becomes wet and condensation can build up on the floor, causing a hazard to every customer that walks through. I couldn’t believe that they had been working love that for many mornings. I think love at least 1 of them should have spoken up and said something about it.


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