The connection between cannabis and yoga

As a habitual cannabis smoker, I do not get a lot of exercise.

Walking down the street to the dispensary is the extent of my physical activity on some days. I have been thinking about being more active, but I always find some excuse not to do it. These days I have one less excuse, because some madman had the temerity to open a yoga studio in the upstairs loft of the cannabis dispensary. I have never considered doing yoga before, but if I can do it while smoking cannabis, well then I may have to consider it! There is a major gym just three blocks away from my house, and I walk past it every time I go to the dispensary. Sometimes I will bring a vape pen and sit outside the big windows in front of the gym and watch all the people huffing and puffing. It makes me laugh, and I really never understood why people pay so much money for a gym membership. I would not have paid for a cannabis yoga class either, but I was curious about it, so when the yoga instructor offered me one class for free I decided to do it. During the actual yoga class itself, I wasn’t very impressed. But then something happened with the accumulation of all the different yoga poses over the session, and when it was over I felt amazing! The combination of cannabis and yoga really revitalized me while making me feel so relaxed. I have decided that the yoga class is something very much worth paying for in the future.


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