I got into a fight in yoga class

I will admit to having a problem with authority figures.

I have always been this way, since the first time I got suspended from school for talking back to a teacher.

I don’t mind confrontation, and if push comes to shove then I don’t mind throwing hands, either. My problem started two weeks ago, when this new guy came to the studio. He was very loud and boisterous, one of those people who doesn’t like a quiet room so they keep talking no matter what happens. This annoyed me very much, especially when he was talking in yoga class. Yoga is a very meditative form of exercise, and to have him run his mouth was ruining it for me, so I flat out told him to shut up. The guy walks over to me, stands on my yoga mat, and pushes me, so I punched him in the mouth. Unfortunately either I was too strong or he was too weak, because I accidentally broke his jaw, and he collapsed in the middle of the yoga studio. Needless to say, I am not allowed to go back to the yoga studio, or the gym, for the rest of my life. I have been told I am the first person to ever receive a lifetime ban from this yoga studio, so I guess I should feel honored. The story does have a happy ending, however, because the yoga instructor called me at home the next day and offered to give me private lessons at home. Just because a person does yoga doesn’t mean they are a pushover!

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