Why did I buy this home gym?

I had all the equipment I needed, but I didn’t have any place to put it! This was a terrible situation to be in, and a cautionary tale about buying things on Ebay without having a plan on where to put them.

After the pandemic and the quarantine, I had put on a fair amount of weight while being stuck inside my tiny apartment.

Instead of doing something sensible like going outside for exercise, I started looking for answers on the internet instead. When I stumbled across a listing for a full home gym set-up for a few hundred bucks, I jumped at the chance without thinking it through. You see, I live in a very small apartment, and I simply do not have room for a home gym. Since I spent the money for this gym equipment I have to put it somewhere, so I decided to change the layout of my living room. The living room is the biggest area in the house, so it is the only logical place the gym can go. Also, I assume that watching workout program videos or listening to music will be a key part of the process, so it’s good to have it in the same room as the entertainment center. I can slide the weight lifting bench under the table, so at least it will be out of the way when I’m not using it. If I wasn’t so high at the time I never would have ordered this home gym. I would have done something easier and cheaper, like buying a yoga mat!
Workout planner