My sister always helped me with my school assignments

There was a time when the only computer that we had in the house belonged to my sister, it wasn’t even a computer technically, it was a word processor, and still, I always liked going to hang out in my sister’s room because she had a window air conditioning device in there as well.

She would always have the ideal temperature control settings however oftentimes she would have to kick me out when she wanted his privacy! Well, I was thankful to her because she helped me with my school papers and various assignments for homework.

She let me type out my papers on her word processor and would turn on the window air conditioner device for me while I was working. I honestly struggled a lot because it was hard for me to type, however she was a fast typist. She would periodically take over for me and type what I had written down on my paper. She was able to make short work of it. She would finish a paper I wrote in around 5 minutes when it would take me an hour or longer. That’s how slow I was at typing, however the only time I honestly used computers was at university, and eventually I took a typing class and focused so that I could type way faster. It’s amazing how I was able to increase in speed in a few months of my class. These days when I’m working in my home office with my own air conditioned unit, I think about those times spending time with my sister enjoying the comfortable a/c in her room. It wasn’t particularly comfortable in other parts of the house because our parents wouldn’t turn up the central air conditioner particularly much at all.


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