The Compressor Unit Needed to be Replaced

I’ve always been hesitant to call an HVAC professional to service my HVAC system twice per year. My parents never had an HVAC professional service their HVAC system and it seemed to always work fine. Although the cost wasn’t much, it added up every year and it still wasn’t a cost I wanted to spend. However, I quickly realized how important it was to keep up with regular HVAC servicing when my compressor unit needed to be replaced. I had received a coupon in the mail for a discounted HVAC tune up and I decided to use it. It had been years since my HVAC system had been looked at by an HVAC professional, so it was long overdue. I didn’t tell the HVAC professional anything about my HVAC system nor did I let on that it had been years since it was last tuned. After about 45 minutes, he came back to me to tell me that my compressor unit was in terrible shape. Not only was it old, but there was a rattling noise. The rattling noise was coming from several broken pieces bumping around. I assumed that the pieces could be replaced, but he told me that they didn’t make that same compressor unit anymore and the pieces were no longer available. Not only this, but my efficiency was horrible because the pieces were missing. Ultimately, I needed to have my compressor unit replaced. If I would have had my HVAC system tuned, the pieces wouldn’t have come loose and I wouldn’t have been in this problem.


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