I love trying to fix my own HVAC units

All of my friends think that I am crazy, but I absolutely love fixing my own HVAC units.

I have been learning how to fix my own HVAC units from my dad.

My dad is not an HVAC technician, but his dad was an HVAC technician. My dad thought that he was going to be an HVAC technician when he grew up, so he learned everything that he could from my grandpa about fixing HVAC units to prepare himself for HVAC work. As he grew older, he realized that he did not want to be an HVAC technician, but that did not mean that he wanted to waste all of the stuff that he learned. Instead, he uses his knowledge about HVAC units to fix his own HVAC units, and he saves a ton of money this way. When I first started learning how to fix HVAC units, I learned for the same reason. I didn’t think that I would ever become an HVAC technician, but I knew how much my dad was saving by fixing his own HVAC units. I am a very practical guy, and I knew that it would be helpful to have the extra spending money. However, as I began learning about fixing HVAC units, I discovered that I liked it. The work came very naturally to me, and I began figuring out how everything worked. Furthermore, the challenge of figuring out what was wrong with the HVAC unit made it very exciting. Now, I think that I might actually want to be an HVAC technician. Fixing HVAC units is something that I would love to do, and I have always dreamed of getting paid to do something I love.


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