I was unable to get a professional HVAC installation

I was pretty close to buying a new Heating and Air Conditioning system from a local Heating and Air Conditioning business, but I thought the Heating and Air Conditioning was impressive, even though it was overpriced; Well, when I learned that they didn’t accept my Discover card as payment, I was unhappy.

It was the only credit card I had that had a high enough limit to cover the cost of the new Heating and Air Conditioning system.

They said that I could make payments, although I just wanted to pay for everything up front so I didn’t have to worry about all the interest payments. They also said I could pay in cash, although I wasn’t trying to carry that much money on me. I ended up talking to my sibling about the situation! He told me there was another Heating and Air Conditioning business on the other side of the neighborhood that took Discover cards, although I hesitated going there. Then he said that I could just choose to install my own Heating and Air Conditioning system. He asked me if I was going for a ductless mini split and I actually was. It was a nice system with 5 zones and built in air purification. Well, my sister spoke of the DIY ductless mini splits and said she thought they didn’t have a built in air purifier but they could be installed without professional assistance. She also said that she knew for a fact that they accepted Discover cards. Well, that brightened up my day, although I wasn’t sure if I could handle such an upgrade. She told me not to worry and that she would be there to help, and she had experience from installing one of these at a friend’s house.

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