Epoxied floor in the family room looks great

I saw this photo in a zine and I cannot get it out of my mind.

The man had wood flooring that had seaglass set down on it and then put epoxy over the flooring to make it smooth.

The worn glass and wooden floors then looked love a beach scene. The wood floor served as the sand and the sea glass served as the ocean. How cool is that? I started looking at epoxy floor designs online and they were all so gorgeous. I wasn’t quite sure how I would assume about having all my floros love it. Would it be like living in a bowling alley? I decided that I would begin small and only do my family room. I found all sorts of muted glass and decided on the patterns I wanted. I then realized I didn’t assume at all confident genuinely working with epoxy. Thankfully the local cleaning corporation I hire from time to time does epoxy floor installation. I talked to the pros about what design I wanted and drew it out for them. I clearly marked the family room as being the only part to do it in. I then left and came back to a masterpiece. I like the current flooring! I don’t want to put a table and chairs on the floors now. I know I can get all of the flooring redone if it gets foggy or scratched, however I just like the look of it. I can’t think how classy, edgy and smooth it looks. I am not going to lie, I am desperate to add this look to my family room. One room at a time though.


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