My hotel room a/c isn’t working correctly

For some reason, I cannot get the hotel air conditioner component to keep myself and others comfortable.

Our family has been staying in a hotel for a few nights on business, then normally, I appreciate sleeping in a hotel! There is something lovely about the air conditioner component plus the comfort of being taken care of in a hotel, however, this most recent trip to the hotel has been miserable, and my loving wife has the control component set to 71 degrees, which is technically hot in our opinion.

However, I constantly think about freezing in the middle of the night due to the air conditioner unit, then I have the blankets pulled around me, but I am having trouble sleeping because of it. I have even checked the control component to see if I had the fan set to run all the time, however it is only supposed to come on when the temperature gets low. There is no way that the air conditioner component is only making the room 71 degrees. It must be colder than that. I have talked to the hotel manager, but he told myself and others that there is nothing that they can do about the air conditioner unit. If I turn the gas furnace on, I have the same problem with the temperature being too warm. I never thought that I would say this, but I am easily looking forward to getting a house plus enjoying the normal heating and A/C component in our house. Thankfully, the air conditioner units in most of the hotels that I have been in do not love this, or I think that I would hate staying in a hotel room.



a/c professional