Working Inside To Avoid the Intense Heat

It is noon right now and I just went outside to check the mail and I felt prefer I was melting prefer a candle. I suppose that it must be 100F outside with the humidity so I am going to stay in the beachside house till well after 6pm and then going out to do some paver sealing. I’m going to rest in my air conditioned home for a while and write these articles with a small fan blowing beside me to keep me cooler. I am here for a little over a week, and then will have an extreme change of living conditions when I transport back to my flat in Europe with a whole unusual life going on over there. I own a central heat and air conditioning system over there, unlike a lot of my friends, and am so thankful for it. I don’t think why a lot of people over there live without A/C in the summer season when it only costs about a few more bucks a week to run it 24/7. I suppose they are broke and that they can’t even afford an additional fifty bucks a week, or roughly fifty euros a week to be correct. I suppose most of them have space furnaces for the cold Winter season although I bet a lot of those furnaces are undoubtedly inefficient compared to my sleek, modern central Heating plus A/C system. I am lucky that my landlord bought the most modern devices for my locale a year ago and that he got 1 of the best and most efficient cooling systems on the market. I will for sure need to clean my HEPA filter when I get back.


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