Today is Cleaning Day for the air filters

It reminds me of the old classic Carly Simon song called Coming Around Again when I suppose that it is time to clean or replace my HEPA filter again.

  • Time is such an unusual concept to grasp, isn’t it? Sometimes it seems to pass by entirely fast and other times it feels as slow as molasses running out of the jar.

I suppose my Heating plus A/C plan alert telling me it is time to change my HEPA filter is a superb reminder for how hastily time slips away from us. My idea is always to play and to have fun for the rest of my life while being responsible and kind to people. I am also kind to my heating and A/C system plan by getting it cleaned and tested constantly by both myself and the Heating plus A/C corporation rep. I am going to be doing some job around the beach house here at my Pop’s beach house for the next few weeks to earn some extra cash so I can wait for my investments to go back up before tapping into them. I need to job on the heat pump and maybe put in a modern 1 because my Pop and stepmom said that the heat in the Winter season is not coming out as moderate as it used to. I should probably call up the Heating plus A/C company down the road to do this job because I am not certified in Heating plus A/C work, and may do more harm than superb trying to help out my stepmom. I will try to get them on the line now and see if they can come out to take a look at it soon.



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