Ready to save some cash on the a/c this summer

It’s time for the heat plus humidity of Summer again.

As much as I’d like to skip the next more than three months, that’s just not how it works.

Living in this region is just appealing for 8 months of the year. Summer is the trade off plus it comes with plenty of Heating plus A/C cooling. This time each year was just painful for myself and others because I knew the a/c was going to legitimately get going. That meant that the price of all that a/c would just continue to go up. And that’s what sort of adds insult to injury when it comes to dealing with the heat. Not only do I have to sweat it out for more than three months, I have had to pay a bunch of cash for the privilege. Not this year. For once, I’m ready for the summer. I called the Heating plus A/C professionals in the Springtime to get the a/c tune-up done early. Both of us also chop down on the amount of Heating plus A/C cooling this Springtime. I started out with putting the temperature control in the upper 71’s for the afternoon. This way, the two of us got a bit more accustomed to the house being warmer while the two of us were in the afternoon. I also sealed up the house to maximize the efficiency of the heat pump. Both of us now have solar shades to stop the direct sunlight heating as well. But it’s the temperature control setting that’s going to legitimately make the difference. For the summer, I’m setting the temperature control at 80 while the two of us were in the afternoon. And at night, we’ll bring it down to 80 for a cool nights sleep.

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