This week at baseball, I was wishing for an cooling system

This week at our son’s baseball game, I was easily wishing for an air conditioning plan of some sort, but of course, baseball is the athletic interest of summer, as well as everybody seems to be playing during the hottest section of the year.

If you know anything at all about baseball, then you know that it is also the longest athletic interest that there is. Baseball games can sometimes last forever. The last game that I went to ended up going into extra innings as well as I was there for 3 hours. Of course, as advantage would have it, it was also one of the hottest mornings of the year! The temperature that day ended up being 93 degrees as well as I felt easily bad about the fact that the boys were out there in the tepid sunlight in their long baseball pants. Anyway, this week at our son’s game, I was easily feeling love I was going to melt. There was not even any shade anywhere around the field, so there was no way to cool off at all. A couple of times, I thought about going as well as laying in our motorcar for a while as well as turning their air conditioning on full blast. I didn’t do it though, because I did not want to miss anything. But the high temperature easily made me beginning wishing that I had some sort of personal cooling system. Someone needs to invent a personal cooling plan for baseball moms who have to go as well as rest at the tepid field for hours at a time all summer time long. Maybe I will do it.



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