I just found out that our neighbors are going to get a divorce

I just found out some anxious news the other afternoon.

Our neighbors, who have lived next to us for about 10 years now, are going to be getting a divorce.

I cannot actually say that I am all that surprised, although it is sad. I used to hear them yelling all the time whenever they had their windows open. I actually think that them having their windows open was actually section of the problem with their marriage, from what I heard! They were typically fighting about their heating plus cooling plan plus their air conditioning bills. From what I could gather from all of their fights, the wife always wanted to have the air conditioning on full blast but the husband wanted to keep the windows open instead. The wife was typically yelling that she was too hot plus that he was too cheap to spend money for the cooling bills. He, on the other hand, would yell about how she just wants to spend money that he does not have all the time plus that she was a spoiled little princess.The fights would get actually bad. This went on for a really long time, plus I was always wondering how it was going to turn out. I did not think that they were really ecstatic together since they were fighting nearly all the time, as far as I could tell. I mean, I am sure that they fought while in the Winter time too, but the summertime when the windows were open was when I heard the worst of it. It’s too terrible they can’t labor things out.


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