My husband and I are putting an addition on

My husband and I are planning to put an addition onto our house this year.

We have been living in our current house for about 5 years now, and it’s finally time that we got around to adding onto this place.

We planned on doing it way back when we purchased the property five years ago, but you know how things go when you are a homeowner. It seems like different things come up all the time, for some reason. Then you end up putting things off over and over and before you know it, you’ve been living in a tiny place for five years and it’s no bigger! That is exactly what happened to us, and now we are going to try and fix it. We are in the middle of negotiations with our general contractor at the moment. He is currently trying to figure out what sort of heating and cooling system he wants to put in the addition for us. We don’t know if we want to tie in the addition with our current HVAC system or if we should put in a new one for the new part of the house. It’s something that we have been discussing for awhile now, and Since the build is coming up soon, we are going to have to decide what we want to do about it. I think that we are actually going to go and talk directly to an HVAC contractor instead of leaving it up to our general contractor. We just don’t know what the best thing would be for our future heating and cooling bills and we want to talk to an HVAC professional about it. I hope that our general contractor will understand.

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