I am just being proactive with my furnace

I had a heating and cooling professional take a look at our oil furnace earlier this month. While my wife and kids think I am crazy to have furnace maintenance done right now, they don’t realize that I am being smart. Since it is summer and the weather is hot and humid, I am making sure that our furnace is serviced. This is the best time to make sure that the furnace is running properly. If the heating and cooling professional notices a problem with the oil furnace, I have about six months to come up with a plan and schedule for fixing it. I would be without heating at a time when I could most certainly do without it if I waited until I needed it. Maintaining our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan with so much time before it is needed for the season is absolutely smart. It doesn’t matter what my kids think. If we don’t have heat when the weather drops a few months down the road, they would have a serious problem! Our heating and cooling professional did not find any problems with our furnace, so we should be good to go come winter. I am sure I will encounter the same kind of remarks when I have my air conditioning plan diagnosed this winter. It’s more important to me that I am ready to heat and cool our house for our family, and I don’t care about the jokes about me.


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