Trying to get my kids into working out

My youngsters were never genuinely active to begin with, but the quarantine made them very lazy.

When they went to school they were up and walking around for a large part of the day, but now they were just watching TV all day long.

I knew that putting on excess weight at a young age has extreme long-term effects, so I decided to find a way to get everyone more active. I wanted to make it fun for the whole family. We didn’t have a home gym, and I didn’t want to force a strict exercise routine, so I had to get creative. First I tried home yoga classes, by setting up mats in the living room in front of the TV. I found a good channel for live yoga classes on Youtube, and my family all tried that together a few times. I kind of liked it, however yoga was not dynamic enough to keep the children engaged for an entire hour. My next idea was based on cross fit, and utilized a backyard obstacle course to keep them motivated. This worked a lot better than yoga. I sunk a little money into buying some workout equipment for the backyard. Within a few months both of us had an American Ninja Warrior style of training course, in addition to at that point the youngsters were setting their own workout program! Since I had made it fun for them to be active they fully immersed themselves in the gym, and I have never needed to enforce workout classes because they do it on their own.



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