I’m asking for a modern temperature control for our birthday next month

I’m going to ask our hubby Dan if she will get me a modern temperature control for our birthday next month. I guess that it’s kind of a weird birthday present, although I don’t care; Dan is out always asking me what I want as a gift for our birthday or for Christmas and usually I don’t have any method what I want so she ends up getting me something stupid that I have no use for. But I have determined that that is not going to happen this year because I guess exactly what I want for our birthday. The temperature control component that we have in our house is so old and worn out that it just needs to go right into the trash. That temperature control has been in this house since we moved in here almost multiple years ago and who knows how long it was here before that? It truly was original to the house! Anyway, I have been getting more and more agitated with the terrible temperature control in the house and I decided that I was going to get a modern one somehow or other. I did not want to buy it myself, though, because I was afraid that I would get the wrong thing. And then, of course, I would be the one getting blamed for it! So I decided to ask Dan to get it for me for our birthday. I told him that I want to get a modern smart temperature control program that I can control with our smartphone. I suppose that a smart temperature control is going to be fantastic for us! Not only will it take care of all of the issues that we have been having with our old temperature control, however it will truly end up saving us cash on our heating and cooling bills.


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