All of us chose to get a mini-cut AC for the attic room

Our beach house is not that big, however the two of us are fortunate to have an attic plus a basement.

All of us always had plans to renovate both spaces.

But, after the baby came, the two of us had to put those plans on hold. After he went to kindergarten, my partner plus I began talking about renovating the house. This was something the two of us had to do before having another baby. My partner’s sibling is a business, so the two of us spoke with him about the project. The goal was to start with the attic first plus turn that into our dream master family room. The whole project would take some time to complete, however there was no rush. As the room began to take shape, the two of us decided what type of heating plus cooling to have up there. The central HVAC in the beach house is reliable, however the two of us wondered if there were other options. The cost of extending the ductwork was so high, so the two of us wanted another opening for cooling or heating the space. The AC specialist came to the beach house to evaluate our new central HVAC plus give his opinion. He told us about a mini-cut AC that would serve the attic only. This component didn’t require extending the ductwork. Also, it wouldn’t be too disappointing to take care of the rest of the house. After doing some more research, the two of us agreed to buy the mini-cut AC. The AC specialist came with it plus did the replacement work. Though the internet said it was possible to install at home, the two of us wanted a professional job. This family room was our sanctuary, so the two of us didn’t want any shoddy work. Let the professionals handle the upgrade plus replacements.


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