The teenagers go back to college in several weeks

The teenagers have to go back to college in several weeks, plus I am absolutely hoping that they have the heating plan fixed in the building by then, then for some reason, the heating plan in the building where they attend classes has not been laboring lately.

It’s taking forever for them to get the heating plan fixed, plus I do not know why.

It’s absolutely starting to get on my nerves. Every single day, the teenagers come condo plus tell me how uncomfortable they were all day because of the lack of heating in their classroom. That just doesn’t make any sense to me, seeing as how our tax dollars go toward the public college buildings. There should be no problem with getting the heating plan fixed immediately for these teenagers! When I called up the college administration, they told me that they were having complications with the commercial Heating plus A/C business that they normally use for these sorts of things, but I hate any of that. I told the administrator that I hate red tape or any of their political stuff that they have going on with the Heating plus A/C dealer. The only thing I like is the fact that my teenagers are resting in class without heating all day long. The teenagers are entirely having to use dumb little electric heating units to try plus stay warm in class all day. This is inadequate in my opinion. I know that most of the other parents completely agree with me too. They better have this heating stuff fixed in several weeks, or there is going to be heck to pay.


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My life finally came together when I met my wife

I tell you, it’s been a long coming.

finding the right lady for me.

I always had the worst luck with women in the past as I only seemed to find the wrong types. They all seemed to only care about getting into the money somehow and I never really was all about the money. I figured a man just needed to make enough to be able to take care of his family if he chose to have a family. I wanted a family eventually but never found anybody I really wanted to have a family with, until I met my wife. I mean in the past, I had ladies judge me for having a house that was too small. One lady even talked trash on my fireplace and laughed at how long it took me to get the fire started. I ended up asking her to leave and she said I had lousy temperature control settings in my house anyway. Well, my wife, she actually loved my fireplace and offered to get the fire started herself. I wasn’t even planning on using the fireplace when I first brought her to my home, but we watched movies together and just enjoyed one another’s company. We had been together for many years and finally I just knew that we had to be together for life, so I asked her to marry me. We ended up getting a fairly decent sized home in the country with an awesome fireplace and a nice zoned HVAC system. It also doesn’t hurt that we have 10 acres of land.

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My son definitely surpassed me and I am proud of him

I have to give our son props.

I always thought music was just something experimental for him that he would move past and go on to bigger and better things.

Well, I was wrong about that because what he does is bigger and better than I possibly could have imagined. Who knows what it was for me, maybe I was jealous that he was able to pursue a true passion of his and be successful. I played guitar when I was younger and I was even in a band for a short time, but we never made it anywhere and the band ended up breaking up. If I had the ambition and drive that my son has, maybe I would have pushed myself into something successful with music, but I just focused on college and became a banker. Hey, the money is good and I have good job security. I take care of my family and that’s what was important in my mind. Well my son now has a beautiful house with a lovely family. He has state of the art everything including the fanciest HVAC system I have ever seen and a truly impressive studio. He has people record music on beats that he actually makes himself. He’s like a modern Dr. Dre and I’m impressed with what he has going on. I love the radiant heated floors in his home, I wish I could afford that in mine. He has offered to have radiant heated floors installed for us, but I always refuse because I feel that I should be able to take care of my own home, but he’s so kind to offer things like that. We are very proud of our son.

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