Heating as well as A/C worker offered us the gift of time

Fall is the season when the Heating and A/C worker comes home to do the HVAC repairs.

This is followed by Spring maintenance done by the same Heating and cooling contractor whose main task is to carry out the air conditioner tune up right before the hot season.

It’s nice to have the same Heating & A/C professionals looking after our Heating as well as A/C equipment. And it certainly paid off as well. This past fall, the Heating and A/C professional came to us after he had completed A/C repairs with the aim of letting us know that our heat pump needed a cane. That sort of caught us by surprise. While it was clear that the Heating as well as A/C unit had been around a while, we certainly hadn’t done the math. We had installed that specific Heating and A/C unit when we obtained this house. To our utter shock, it has been almost 3 decades now. So of course the Heating and A/C unit was about to wear out. But all those years of consistent Heating and cooling unit maintenance and repairs resulted in not having a single minute of breakdown when it came to heating and cooling. Perhaps, this is what made us sleep better.Thankfully, our winter is always mild so the Heating & A/C worker having given us the heads up allowed us enough time to plan for the summer. We were able to get in touch with the Heating and A/C company and also start to save enough to pay for the modern heating and cooling equipment. However, with the early heads up, we had plenty of time to get all this accomplished before the heat & high humidity of the summer time months set in. None of us was ready to ensure an uncomfortable summer like ours without a functional heat pump or cooling unit.


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